Angleterre mars 2018 - Le récit des élèves : Jour 1 et traversée en ferry
Article mis en ligne le 26 mars 2018

par Frédéric Florin, Gwenaël Daval

Our travel started the 24th of March, 2018. We left Firminy with a Schmitt bus after leaving our family and putting our luggages in the bus. We were told about the bus’ rules. After the two hours’ drive, we took our first break. Then, we watched a film entitled “Avatar”, it was pretty, my favourite part of the journey. After that, we were able to do what we wanted. I tried to sleep all the night but it was too hard so I did a nighter. At 7.00 am, we crossed the security control at the frontier, then we had some problems with the ferry. Our boat wasn’t there. Our father was very king as he negotiated a new crossing on another ferry.

Calvin Peyron

We left Firminy at 5 Pm. After, we ate a good meal (a full English breakfast) . We took the ferry aounr 7 am ! We arrived in England at around 8 am and we took the bus to Canterbury. Then, we ate a typical English Breakfast. Afterwards, we visited the city and we went shopping. In the afternoon, we visited Leeds Castle. In the evening, we met our families.

On the 24yh of March, we left Firminy at 5pm to go to England. We drove all night long, i twas tiring and boring (because we couldn’t eat on board the bus)
On day 2, we took the Ferry and drank a Starbuck coffee. Next, we headed to Canterbury to eat a breakfastin a pub and to visit the city and do some shopping. After we visited Leeds Castle and its park. Then we went to meet our family and have dinner there and SLEEEEEEEPPPPPPP !
Léna, Axel, Anaé