Angleterre mars 2018 - Le récit des élèves : Jour 3
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par Frédéric Florin, Gwenaël Daval

We left Dartford at 7.45 am after our first night in our host family. We took the bus to reach London. As we were visiting the museum of London, a woman asked me if I wanted to take part in a kind of testing. She told me I would got paid for that so I accepted.
You maybe know that the museum is going to be moved so they want to change some things and they ask some of the visitors their thoughts about that.
We were 5 visitors around a table, two of them were American and we were 3 French. The manager explained us what I told before and then we started by introducing a little ourselves. We saw some videos about the projects she had and after each of them we told her what we were thinking about it. It lasted 45 minutes and I earned 30 pounds.
During the lunchtime, we crossed The Millenium bridge (Harry Potter’s bridge) to eat on the Thames’s other side. We saw English students and a girl who was drawing sitting like L in Death Note while we were eating, it was funny.
The afternoon, we visited London with a guide in bus tour. She spoke about some important monuments of London such as Saint Paul cathedral, the London eye, the walkie-talkie, etc... We also came to Buckingham Palace and we took some beautiful pictures with Lena, Anaé and Axel.
When we finished, we went to Covent garden and had a free time but I didn’t buy anything because everything was too expensive even with my 30 pounds earned earlier. I just had a Starbucks and a headache. The waiter called me darling and winked me, I think he was secretly loving me, lol.
On Monday, first we woke up and we ate a little breakfast. Then, we went quickly to the bus.
We visited the museum of London. This museum presents the history of the city from the prehistory to the modern times. We took our meals on the bank of the River Thames near the Tate Modern.
After, we did a city tour on the coach for an hour. Finally, we had a free-time in Covent Garden. This day was great.

At the beginning of the day we visited th Museum of London and our group began the exhibition with the Modern Times ad we walked down London’s history until 400 BC. In the afternoon, we visited the cty of London on the coach and our guide was a lday who knew quite a lot of things about the city. It was Interesting. We’ve finished by a free time during which I bought a Starbuck Frapuccino Caramel/coffee.

This morning, we went to the Museum of London which is about the history of the city from the middle ages to nowadays and even the future. Then, we headed to the other side of the Thames and took the Millenium Bridge. In the afternoon, we visited the city with a guided tour bus. We saw Buckingham Palace and we stopped the bus to take a picture.
Célian, Mathéo

Today, we visited the Museum of London. It was very nice and interesting because we saw the evolution of the city.
Then we saw St Paul’s cathedral and ate our lunch pack. When we finished, Debby, the guide, came on the coach to tell us about the city. I took a lot of photos ! We finished the day with a free time in Covent Garden. It was so cool !

Today, we went to the museum of London, a museum telling the most memorable moments of London’s story. Like the Romans, the Second World War or the closing ceremony the 2012 Paralympics.
After lunch, we had a guided tour of London on the coach. The guide told us the story of each important buildings.

We visited the Museum of London about the history of London.
In the afternoon, we visited London with a guide on the coach. We saw many monuments like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Chinatown.