Angleterre mars 2018 - Le récit des élèves : Jour 3 Cambridge
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par Frédéric Florin, Gwenaël Daval

Today we went to Cambridge to visit and learn more about this city. In the morning, we did a guided tour with a guide. A long time ago, Cambridge was a crossroads in Europe so it was an important city. We saw Saint John’s college and we learnt about the construction’s history which is impressive because it took several decades. She also talked about the royal family who was very present on the wall. She told us some stories about the city and it was quite interesting. These schools seem to be very important to them, they are proud of it because it’s a big part of their history. After the visit, we had free time for 2h30 and it was very nice because we had the time to eat and to do some shopping. After this we did punting for an hour on the Cam and it was cool until it started to rain. It was pretty exhausting because we walked a lot around the city.

This morning thanks to a guide we visited Cambridge with their high schools like trinity college or St John’s college also we have visited a caramel shop. After that we had free time and to finish the day we did some punting.

This morning, we drove about two hours to Cambridge. We visited one of the University (Trinity College and St John’s). We had a guide during the whole visit, she explained us the history of Cambridge. Then, we had a free time. We ate our lunch and went shopping.

At 3:00 pm, we did one hour of punting with a guide. It was very nice and relaxing despite the rain at the end.
It was a good day.
Marie T.

Today, we visited the famous town of Cambridge. In the morning, we did a guided tour of the town including St John’s college, then we came to the biggest chapel of England and we also put the graduation robes on with the gown. Finally, we tasted the fudges, an English speciality. We were divided in three groups to make to tour easier.
We had free time from 12:30 to 15:00. Personally, I went shopping to Primark and ate at Mac Donalds. From 15 to 16, we did punting per groups of eleven or twelve. At the beginning, the weather was sunny and it was pleasant but when we went back, it rained so we took the umbrellas on the boats.
To conclude, it was a pretty and good day in Cambridge.

Jason K

Today (27/03) we left the families at 08.AM
We went to Cambridge, 3 groups have been formed, they went to different place but we all saw the same place
At first, the women explained us how the college we were going to visit were formed ; two people killed a prostitude (during a riot), then fled and came to Cambridge, they started building college.
Moreover Cambridge started to appreciate in value with the river : Cam, because a lot of goods were imported.
All the morning the guide presented us, beautiful landscapes and the many college. After the teacher gave us two hours of free time.
To conclude in the afternoon we made the punting, we had good laught, at the beginning the weather was cool, but then it rained ropes !!

Lucy couturier

Day Four

With the help of a touristic guide, we visited the city of Cambridge which is a place full of colleges. There are thirty-one colleges. The most well-known one is King’s College. Many famous people studied here, such as the genius Stephen Hawking (R.I.P). It made me want to study in one of these colleges. Some of us tried the clothes that the students carry during graduation and eat some Fudges. It was so delicious. I really loved that.

At 1 p.m, we had a free time in a huge mall. It was so fun and cool. With the girls, we went to Disney. I bought a figurine Pop of Thanos for one of my little brother. I also went to Starbucks and drank a Frappucino Caramel. I prefered the Chocolate one, but this one was delicious. I also did a lot of shopping, even if I hate doing that. In summary, I enjoyed myself.

In the afternoon, we did punting on the Cam. The weather was perfect, until the end of the crossing, because at the end, it rained. It was really fun. Then, we came back to Dartford.

This day was a good one, but I’m so excited for tomorrow, because we’ll go to Mrs Tussauds. I’ll take so many pictures.